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Credit Score is helpful in getting a good credit deal. A lender generally asks for your credit karma score in order to check your past payment history and provide you the particular credit karma facility you have applied for. In order to check this score, Experian is among the few reliable options where you can get your score checked without any cost involved. In this article, you would know the procedure involved and also some other related information.

How can you check your Experian score?

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If you want to check your score, you can follow the simple steps involved in the process: Provide your Full Name, Mobile Number, and Email ID and click on the 'Submit' button. You will then receive an OTP on the registered mobile number Submit that OTP and click on 'Verify & Continue' tab Mention your Date of Birth and Gender Provide your Permanent Address including the state, city, Pincode Enter your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and submit. What is an Experian Credit Report?

An Experian credit report is generated by keeping into account your past payment record, the number of credit accounts you have, the total debt (if any) you carry, credit reporting and the number of applications you have put in last 6 months. Based on these, your credit report is generated which includes your credit score and other necessary information.

How can you get the report?

Getting the report is an easy task. All you have to do is sign up at the official website of Experian. You do not have to pay anything as the service is available for free. The next thing you have to do is provide your personal details. You also have to mention your Permanent Account Number (PAN), residential address, and other information for authentication purposes.

The report would then be generated on the basis of the details mentioned. You will also get the score and credit karma home the Experian report on your email ID as mentioned in the form.

What is the Experian score range and its importance?

The credit score at Experian ranges from 300 to 900 where the higher score gives you the option to get desired deals on credit cards and loans. If you have a bad score, you might not a credit card which has great features and is one of the top credit karma cards. Also, a poor credit score might stop you from getting loans on a lower rate of interest. The applicants who have a score above 750 are generally eligible for most the good credit card deals and loans at lower rates. Those who have a score below it have limited options but yet are eligible for them.

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The world, however, does not end here and you can improve your score. Having a poor score is something very common as many people miss their payments due to some unavoidable situations. In order to help you, we have mentioned some very effective and easy to adapt measure that can help you improve your credit report free score.

Measures to Improve Credit Score

Below are some of the easy measures that you can follow to upgrade your score. Pay your bills and EMIs on time Do not use more than 50% of your credit karma limit Do not check your score frequently Increase your limit if your expenses are increasing Use a credit card for the amount that you can pay easily

Srishti Singh is a passionate writer and finance is one of her favorite divisions to share her insight. In this article, you would find the simplest way to how_to_check_expe_ian_c_edit_sco_e and also get your credit report. You may also get some healthy habits that you can adapt to in order to improve your credit score. For More Details: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push();

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