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Selecting Online Date Service:

Look for local dating service that has similar philosophy as your own. Examples: Single Parent Dating, Senior Dating, Christian Dating and etc. Professional dating service and look for reviews online. Established dating service. Dating Service with large amount of members

Background Checks

New Jersey and New York have passed similar laws requiring members to have background checks. If the dating service your interested in does not require member background checks you may want to goggle prospect or run your own background check with prospects permission.

E-Mail Account

It is practical for online daters to a separate email address only for online dating. Separate account allows anonymity and can be cancelled at anytime.


On your date you want make rational decisions. Too many drinks will impair your judgment. Not too many drinks on a date.

Single Parents

Have reviewed trusted babysitters. Have a babysitter that you and your children are comfortable with and follows your instructions. Give babysitter your contact phone numbers.

Be Safe

Tell someone you trust when you are leaving for your date and approximately what time you will be home. If on the first or second date you get an uncomfortable feeling you can always excuse yourself and leave. Always have extra cash in case you have to call a cab home.

Be Courteous and Polite

The first impression is a lasting impress. There is nothing wrong with being courteous and polite. Thank you and excuse me go a long way.

Never Give Money

Majority of online daters are looking for sincere dates. Unfortunately, there are scammer. Never reveal any personal financial information, bank accounts, mutual funds, stock information, social security numbers and NEVER  GIVE CASH MONEY.

Only Call At Certain Times

If a prospect only wants you to call at certain times, only gives their office phone number or cell phone number and not their home phone number, WHY? If you can only meet at a public places or your place, WHY? It maybe that the new prospect is married or living with someone. You want to question why the mystery.


Use good judgment. If you are a single parent with three children and 2 cats and your prospect does not like children and is allergic to cats this may not be the date for you. Conversely, if you are a vegetarian and match dating your prospective date love meats that are just a matter of eating habits and can be worked out. You are looking for a compatible relationship where opposites can combine into mutual harmony and respect. You may fine that perfect mate on the first date and then it may take time and patients. Be optimistic the first date is not the end of the world. If the first date does not work out pass and move on to the next local dating prospect. Online dating has expanded it is not one size fits all. Date by categories: Single local dating, Senior Dating, Single Parent Dating, senior dating Christian Dating, Catholic Dating, Jewish Dating, Local Dating, National Datingonline_dating_be_safe, International Dating and etc.. The online dating options are limitless for finding the perfeconline_dating_be_safeonline_dating_be_safe

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